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7th AFPSS Congress in Singapore
Writer Katy Date 2015-08-27 11:18:19 Count 13,647
File AFPSS Programme_11 May.pdf(183.4 KB)

Dear Members and Colleagues,


7th AFPSS Congress, Singapore is only 2 months left.

Here we have attached the prgram of the congress.

Please hurry to register and book the flight.


We have prepared a wonderful program with excellent speakers around the world.

A fresh cadaveric dissection for all kinds of facial plastic surgery  is also available, so please hurry to register.

We are also accepting free paper presentations, too.


We are hoping to see you all in wonderful city, Singapre this July.


With best,


Kenneth Oo

President of 7th AFPSS Congress, Singapore


Le Hanh

General Secretary of AFPSS

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