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2014 AFPSS Macau_memory
Writer Katy Date 2014-03-26 14:02:06 Count 6,648

Dear friends,
The Macau meeting showed us what friendship are for.
Huge contribution from Terry, Dr. Ang from Macau, and our AFPSS friends made a small success again.
Most of the participants kept their seats till the end of congres.
A practical and high level lectures and active interaction between participants and speakers led this meeting to a quality level educational meeting.
The room facility was great, coffee breaks were  good, and the dinner was excellent.
The final day tour and lunch was also excellent.
I am sure everybody there enjoyed this meeting. 
Now, we have our 5th Annual AFPSS meeting in Turkey, Capadocia ahead. 
Cemal Cingi, a new secretary general of AFPSS, is putting his efforts for a huge success.
I am looking forward to seeing you all in Turkey this October.

With best,

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