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2011 Spring Course_Lecture
Writer Katy Date 2011-03-30 17:19:30 Count 5,331
2011 AFPSS Spring Course 
26 February, 2011

Opening Remark - Hong Ryul Jin, Co-Chair
Opening Remark - Terry Hung, Chaiman
Surgery for the External Ear by Stephen Park, M.D.
Paranasal Augmentation in Asians by Tae Bin Won, M.D.
Management of Impending Silicone Strut Perforation of nose by using Hyaluronic Acid by Choladhis sinrachtanant, M.D.
Management of the Aging Nose by Yen-Chun Lin, M.D.
Management of the Cleft Nose by Trimartani Koento, M.D.
Correction of Overhanging Ala by Eduardo Yap, M.D.
Refining the nasal Tip by Stephen Park, M.D.
Pearls in Nasal Hump Reduction by Terry Hung, M.D.
Essence of Osteotomies in Rhinoplasty by Terry Hung, M.D.
Septoplasty Pearls for Rhinoplasty by Hong Ryul Jin, M.D.
Surgical Anatomy, Diagnostic & Anesthetic Evaluation of the Nose by Keneth Ooi, M.D.
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