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BYLAWS of the Asian Facial Plastic Surgery Society (AFPSS)
Article I. NAME
The name of the Society shall be the Asian Facial Plastic Surgery Society (herein after referred to as ‘AFPSS’).
To encourage friendship and facilitate communication among members of facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons of Asia
To stimulate interaction among facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons and physicians of Asia
To promote and encourage knowledge of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery through education, dissemination of professional information, and the establishment of professional standards
To encourage the growth of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery in multiple ways within its member societies and in parts of the Asian countries where member societies do not yet exist
The Member Countries
Other Asian countries can be members of the AFPSS. New member countries can be included with approval from the Executive Committee.
The Executive Committee
The corporate powers, property, and affairs of the AFPSS shall be exercised, conducted, and controlled by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall be the overall policy making body of the AFPSS and shall have overall responsibility for the programs and business of the AFPSS.

The Executive Committee of AFPSS is composed of founding members of AFPSS and directors of the official individual national societies pertaining to facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.
2. The terms of Executive Committee are as follows:
2. 1.

The terms of directors of individual societies of each country in the Committee shall be the duration of their terms as officers in those national societies.
2. 2. The terms of founding members of the AFPSS in the Committee shall be permanent.
3. The Executive Committee elects the President and General Secretary among members of the Committee.
3. 1. The president shall usually be the chair of the following AFPSS Congress.
3. 2. The General Secretary shall be appointed to a term of four years without reappointment.
3. 3. The treasurer is appointed by the General Secretary.
4. The Executive Committee Meeting
4. 1. Shall be held at least once during the Congress.
4. 2. If necessary, meetings may be held interim at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
5. The Functions of the Executive Committee
5. 1.

It is duty of the Executive Committee to execute resolutions passed by the committee and to take measures designed to further the objectives of the AFPSS.
5. 2. It carries out the policies of the AFPSS and approves applications for admission of members to AFPSS.
5. 3. It prepares the Agenda for the AFPSS Congress
5. 4. It organizes the necessary sub-committees to achieve the objectives of the AFPSS.
5. 5.

It appoints an Advisory Committee consisting of international advisors to assist the AFPSS in every means possible.
5. 6. The bylaws can be revised at any time by a majority vote of the members in the committee.
6. The functions of the General Secretary include:
6. 1. Conduct the day-to-day affairs of AFPSS
6. 2. Conduct the meetings of the Executive Committee and Regional Representatives
6. 3. Cause the Newsletter to be published
6. 4. Maintain the historical documents of the organization
6. 5. Represent AFPSS at various regional meetings as necessary
6. 6. Have a responsibility of maintenance and continuous development of AFPSS
The Advisory Committee
An advisory committee is appointed by the Executive Committee, from international experts in the field of facial plastic surgery.
The advisory committee assists and monitors the affairs of AFPSS.
1. The AFPSS Congress shall be held every year.
2. The location and duration for the Congress shall be decided by the executive committee.

When a member country is chosen as the site of AFPSS congress, it shall be responsible for the organization of the Congress in accordance with the rules established by the Executive Committee. It must prove its capability to conduct the Congress.

The host national association, or its designated organizing committee, shall assume all financial responsibility for the conduct of the congress.
5. The host committee should consider a "profit-sharing" arrangement with AFPSS.
6. The official language for the AFPSS Congress shall be English.

Various scientific conferences, forums or symposiums pertaining to facial plastic and reconstructive surgery can be held during the Congress.
1. Members
  The Executive Committee may establish membership categories and criteria for membership. Member countries are Asian countries and can be represented of the Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery organization of that country. More than one member society may be recognized in one country.
2. Benefits of AFPSS Membership
  Discounted member rates for attendance to all AFPSS sponsored meetings and courses
Access to the "members only" section of the AFPSS website
Member prices for possible future AFPSS products:
  - All videotapes
- Patient information brochures
- Practice enhancement products
Participation in AFPSS sponsored observational fellowships
Overall benefit from AFPSS public relations activities