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Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery has developed into a separate field of otorhinolaryngology over the last twenty years. Though academically and socially established in the US and Europe, this field has only recently started to grow in Asian countries. Despite a relatively short history, however, many Asian countries already have their own facial plastic and reconstructive surgical societies.

As interaction between these societies and their members is increasing, the need for a unified society representing the entire community of Asian facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons has emerged.
Top leaders in this field from Asian countries have actively communicated with each other via many international and regional meetings and reached the conclusion that a society representing Asian surgeons is necessary. Against this backdrop, the Asian Facial Plastic Surgery Society (AFPSS) was born in June 2009 during the Asia Pacific Rhinoplasty Expert Forum in Seoul.
The AFPSS's core function is to encourage friendship and facilitate communication among facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons in Asia. By exchanging and disseminating professional information, establishing professional standards among members, and providing optimal continuing education of members, AFPSS aims to encourage the growth of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery within its member societies and throughout Asian countries.
Through the continuous efforts of our members, we anticipate providing a valid scientific environment for Asian facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and thus the ability to deliver high-quality care and services to our Asian people. This, in turn, will promote the establishment of a broad-based facial plastic surgery society in Asian countries.
The founding members and I promise you that we will, to the best of our abilities, successfully launch our society as one that represents all Asian physicians in the field of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. I hope the members of our society will take pride in our activities and do their best to contribute to our newly starting professional society.
General Secretary
Hong Ryul Jin, M.D.